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DupontNafion20%Membrane solution

DupontNafion10%Membrane solution

DupontNafion5%Membrane solution

Iridium black catalyst

Platinum catalyst

20%Platinum carbon catalyst

40%Platinum carbon catalyst

60%Platinum carbon catalyst

70%Platinum carbon catalyst

The carMEA

The car                                 Thursday                             The coach                              Logistics vehicles                              Forklift truck                                Military vehicles

The hydrogen cars                             Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)                             The standby power supply                        The communication base station                           Military base                         Gas sensor



Areas of application

Core key technologies with independent intellectual property rights,Obtained many achievements of science and technology innovation,Products are widely used in the hydrogen cars、Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)、The standby power supply、Field demonstration emergency power supply、Gas sensor, etc many fields,Popular market favor!

Shaoxing jun ji energy technology co., LTD

Reserve projects have bright spot

The company research and development of electric system testing equipment,Is to fill the domestic blank,Once the product follow-up to the market,Would rewrite the pile testing equipment market pattern,As the fuel cell niche localization and a tipping point。

Shaoxing jun ji energy technology co., LTD

A number of new market participants body position

Company independent research and development production of membrane electrode has been sold on the market for many years,There is a lot of precipitation data and customer feedback,And on the basis of the adjusted continuously,To achieve the current technical level,In long-term research and practice field of materials science,The company's moat is relatively high。

Shaoxing jun ji energy technology co., LTD

The strong and stable technical team


Company with many domestic famous universities and research institutes to establish a long-term common development cooperation,Back on research and development strength,To stay ahead in technology,Team core technical personnel for many years without change,Very stable。

Shaoxing jun ji energy technology co., LTD

Products cost-effective advantage is obvious


The company's products comprehensive performance is higher,Also has a price advantage。Membrane electrode with the company expanding production capacity,Price advantage to play。With the rapid development of the hydrogen fuel cell car industry,The core components of domestic substitution rate rise。

Enterprise advantage


Shaoxing jun ji energy technology co., LTD
Jung's science and technology2019The 4th China international hydrogen energy and fuel cell And filling station equipment exhibition
Hydrogen is known as21Of the century“The ultimate power”,With high efficiency、High pressure、Environmental protection、Small volume, etc,Transformation of the hydrogen is regarded as the new energy vehicles the ultimate solution,The capital and technology of mainstream area too。In recent years,The United States、Japan、South Korea、The European Union and other countries and regions in the country under the guidance of the hydrogen fuel cell strategy,For hydrogen and fuel cell technology research and development、Provides long-term demonstration and market growth、Stability、Efficient support,International hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology have made great progress,Industrialization has become increasingly close window。China also attaches great importance to the development of fuel cell technology,Throughout the year《Energy saving and new energy automobile industry
Zhejiang manufacturing at the global wisdom logistics summit,The hydrogen fuel cell intelligent unmanned vehicle logistics countless powder
Zhejiang business network in the world6Month6Day(《Zheshang》The reporter Mr. Chen)In recent years,In intelligent manufacturing and development of globalization and the advent of electronic commerce rapid rise multiple,China's logistics industry is rapid transformation from traditional logistics to modern logistics,Logistics industry is more diverse demand、The possibility of more abundant,The traditional model to glow the new vitality、Innovation model creating new service products。
The good news!Jung's science and technology for the 7th China innovation entrepreneurship competition finals growth group industry!
Science and technology innovation、The big things。From the 7th China innovation entrepreneurship competition2018Years4On startup,A total of31136Companies,Compared with the previous session10.6%,To an all-time high。All provinces throughout the country、Autonomous region、Municipalities directly under the central government、Under separate state planning and xinjiang production and construction corps has held the provincial competition。Double gen torch skirmish,In the vast Chinese thousand sails to compete sends the earth formed、Energizes the grandeur of the picture,Also makes the competition to become a central and local governments together promote the innovative undertaking national platform。    Shortlisted for the new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection industry the finals of the participating enterprises20


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